With Mr Alone in "Marche dans les nuages", I wish to present to the audience what is the art of mime in the widest range possible. I selected several sketches of the repertoire of Marcel Marceau, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Harold Cheshire, Philippe Pillavoine and Antonin Gautreau. I have assembled, arranged, ordered the end to form a uniform spectacle for the viewer has the sensation of "leave earth" and move "from cloud to cloud".

The show opens with a prologue reminding the public hearing or conventions, and the history of mime. Then begins the series of sketches and will end at the end of the show. Each sketch is really typical, representing a particular kind of mime as written by a mime artist specific. I hope that each trip to the pantomime, mime to mime through the body. I hope that the figures of Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux, Gaspard Deburau, Jean-Louis Barrault, Peter Sellers, Jacques Tati, Courtemanche, Michael Jackson, Fabien Kachev flood eye witnesses to Mr Alone.

Anne-Marie Laussat,
February 15, 2011.
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