Technical team

Anne-Marie Laussat
Set design, styling and directoring.

Anne-Marie was born in 1963. She began her theatrical activity in 1986 and turned professional in 1992. She performed in theater writers such as Dhaussy, Grenier, Labiche, Tchekov, Buzzati, Pillavoine.

At the same time, she teaches drama to children, teens and adults for schools, associations, help institutions for troubled youth, center penitentiaries.

She began to approach the directoring in 1998 with Lanoux and Foissy, Feydeau, Jaoui, Bacri, Barc. It also signed the first three episodes of Le Roman d'un Acteur by Philippe Caubère starring with Philippe Pillavoine.

Mathieu Peyrard
Set design, lighting design and sound.

Mathieu has worked for the first time to the creations of "Le Bateau Ivre" company in 2006. It was then an intern supervised by Yves Carrière and his technique sound on the show L'île du trésor oublié.

Since 2008, he's responsible and also engineer the auditorium of the Espace Saint-Jean at Melun (France - 77). Mathieu has taken to heart with the exercise of creating light and sound Mr Alone in "Marche dans les nuages". You will find, hopefully, of the technical team on tour of the show.
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